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Trevor Baylis O.B.E. invented the wind up radio in 1994 and as they say 'the rest is history'. Several companies have taken this concept forward and now make many different models of wind up products that are sold throughout the world. Amongst these are the POWERplus, Ventus & Freeplay Energy ranges of radios.

The wind up radio solves the everyday problem of providing power for your radio wherever you take it. With a wind up radio you longer have to be tied to a mains supply, or reliant on batteries that run out at inconvenient moments. A wind up radio enables you to fold out the crank arm and after winding for a few minutes your radio has power again. Some wind up radios also have solar power panels on them to provide another source of energy. Wind up radios are kind to the environment, because they do not require disposable batteries. As newer models of wind up radios have been developed, some even incorporate a small led torch light feature, making the radio a truly useful item.


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The MINI ECO RADIO™ is a state-of-the-art miniature palm-sized marvel and perfect travel wind up radio. It offers superb AM/FM reception without any external antenna thanks to modern computer chip technology! This self-powered radio has a fully-charged run time of over 6 hours, and is simply recharged by either winding it (for 1 minute to give 20 - 25 minutes of play), leaving it in sunshine (that’s right, the built-in Solar Panel will recharge the internal battery in around 8 hours and can even play continuously in direct sunlight), or a third power option allows for recharging direct from any computer USB port.


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